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Bamboo Dish Cloths 5pk

$15.99 USD

Bamboo Dish Cloths - Washable Sponges

We understand the frustration of washing dishes with stinky, less durable dish sponges, wipes, washcloth, dishcloths, scrubbing pads etc. Our Bamboo Dish Cloth are here to rescue you from routine struggle.

🎋 HIGH QUALITY: Made from eco friendly bamboo fiber material, thicker 2-ply layers allows high absorbency and durability. It is softer yet stronger.

🎋 PERFECT HAND HELD SIZE: 5″x7″, fits perfectly in you hand and allows you cleaning dishes with ease.

🎋 NON-SCRATCHING: great to use on any surface like, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, nonstick, metal etc. without scratching.

🎋 REUSE & SAVE: Bamboo dish cleaning cloths are sustainable, durable, & odor free. Can be used 10 times more than cleaning sponges, scrubber, washcloths, wipes etc. Reuse 100s of times before each wash, and keep washing it till it falls apart. Save money!!

🎋MULTI USE: It can be widely used for cleaning dishes in kitchen, it can also be used as small wipes in car, as light body scrubber in shower, wiping kitchen counter tops, cook tops etc.

USE INSTRUCTION: Rinse it thoroughly under tap water after each use, light rubbing motion will clean all the dirt, oil and grimes. Dish soap can be used for quick hand wash though its not required. line dries quickly. Laundry it every week to keep it new all the time.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY to avoid access shrinking, line dry recommended.

Bamboo Dish Cloths - Washable Sponges Specification

Sustainable Bamboo Fiber
UPC: 860000274456
Dimension: 5.4 x 3.7 x 1.2 in
Weight: 0.18lb
This Dish Cloths are Machine washable, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY to avoid access shrinking, line dry recommended.

A new kind of Cleaning Tools

Unexpected durability with smart design and usability offers new confidence of using sustainable cleaning tools over plastic, nylon, paper etc. materials. Experience the difference!!

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