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3 Compartment Plates 10Inch

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Biodegradable Bamboo Plates 10" - 3 Compartments, 100 Pack

Our disposable 10″ 3 compartment compostable round plates are great to serve hot or cold lunch or dinner. It’s 3 compartments allows perfect serving size for main dish as well as side dishes. This biodegradable disposable plates are perfect choice for serving full meal at home, parties, corporate events, school cafeterias, restaurants, outdoor picnic etc.

This pack includes 100 pcs, 10″ round plates with 3 compartments. It can be used in Microwave (for up to 5 mins) and oven (for up to 10 mins at 392 °F) to warm-up/reheat the food. It can be stored in refrigerator & freezer(between -30 to 0 °F) for up to 24hrs.

Our plates are made from 100% bamboo fiber, a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable heavy duty material. Hence it is a great alternative to regular paper or plastic disposable containers. It offers better sturdiness and easy clean up after use. No tree and no plastic in use. Good for you, good for planet!

This disposable plates are 100% Compostable. Since it’s Made from 100% Bamboo Fiber, the trays can be Commercially Composted (no need to send it to a landfill). The plate’s disposable design allows it to degrade easily, which means easy cleanup for you and the Planet. In addition, its is packed and shrink wrapped with biodegradable PLA material.

This snack plates are great to use for hot or cold food items. It is sturdy enough to hold hot food for long time without leaking and deforming its shape. It does not contain any plastic or wax lining. They are liquid, oil and cut-resistant.

Note: Hot Foods can cause the Container to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.

Perfect disposable tableware for any occasion and anywhere – indoor or outdoor. Enviro Safe Home offers wide collection of tree free and environmental friendly compostable bamboo tableware. along with that, you will get peace of mind that you are providing all-natural organic tableware for your family and friends. Suitable for Camping, Picnics, Lunches, Catering, BBQs, Events, Parties, Weddings and Restaurants.

Biodegradable Bamboo Plates 10" - 3 Compartments, 100 Pack Specification

Sustainable Bamboo Fiber - Biodegradable & Compostable
UPC: 860006720605
Dimension: 10 x 10 x 0.78 in
Weight: 4.38 LB
This disposable tablewares are safe to use in microwave, oven, refrigerator and freezer. Do Not Use in Dishwasher.

A new kind of Disposable Tableware

Unexpected sturdiness with smart design, usability and a new confidence of using sustainable tablewares over paper, plastic and styrofoam materials. Experience the difference!!

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